A peek behind the scenes...

Kitten alseep on her shoulder
No cold shoulder here! 

Although we do not have the facilities to take animals that are unwanted or unmanageable from the general public, we occasionally we find ourselves caring for a rescued pet (or two)... 

This is one of two kittens that were rescued from a roof along with their mother. In an effort to help socialise them, Jasmine is letting this little guy keep warm on her shoulder whilst she catches up on her paperwork!

Jasper arrived for his nip/tuck surgery and was in desperate need of a hug! Taller than Nic...not hard!


Some days are just so tough we have to set up a massage station! Here's Elianne enjoying a rare moment of relaxation!


On the left...what you'd expect to find under the desk of a Vet clinic. On the right...what you'll sometimes find under the desk at ours!!