Our adoption fee is $170.00 which includes desexing, microchip and first vaccination.  

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact the clinic!

          "Here's Ricky Baker

       He is looking for a home

        Would he fit at yours?"

         (A haiku about Ricky)

Ricky Baker is a youngish adult, desexed male cat. He is finding things a bit tough here and as a result is scared and a bit "hissy". We are in the process of testing him for FIV and there is a real chance he may be positive.  This would mean he'd need to be kept as an indoor cat only and ensuring that all cats he lives with are vaccinated against FIV. 

If you feel that you would have the time, patience and understanding that he needs and deserves, please get in touch to meet with him.  Please also keep in mind that he is not a really smoochy cat yet but, in the right hands, we think that this would change over time. 

Ricky Baker is a sucker for roast chicken and will literally get mad if you walk past without feeding it to him! 

Ricky Baker pic 2.jpeg