It took months before we were able to handle him!

Bob didn't have an owner. A concerned client trapped him and brought him to us for desexing in August. We thought we saw a glimmer of hope in his personality and agreed to keep him in hopes of taming him and finding him a home.

By early October is was looking pretty hopeless. He pretty much defined the term "feral" and we feared he may never learn to be happy in the company of people. But vet nurse Kersti refused to give up on him. Everyday she worked on engaging him in play and gradually was able to actually touch him through the cage bars.

A few weeks later and she earned his trust and now the two are inseparable. And yes, I'm sure you've guessed it, Bob is now happily living with Kersti and another cat she adopted from us, a little bobtailed cat named Wookie.

Such a happy ending!

#kittenrescue #parkwayveterinarycentre #rescue

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