Ehrlichia Canis warning.

Ehrlichia Canis is a bacterium transmitted by the brown dog tick. This can cause serious, potentially life threatening tick fever disease in your dog. It was first reported in Australia in May 2020 and ideal conditions are tropical or sub-tropical locations, such as northern Australia.  We have heard of a case being identified in Victoria.  If you are planning on travelling north with your dog, we recommend using either Advantix or Seresto as these have been shown to be the most effective forms of preventative, with a >90% efficacy rate.  It appears that our standard tick preventatives are not effective for this disease, but still are great for the southern regions. Please note: Advantix ingestion by cats can prove fatal so we would not recommend using this product if you are also travelling with your cat or if your cat has close contact with your dog.

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Welcome to Parkway Veterinary Centre We are a purpose built clinic and can accommodate routine elective procedures, advanced orthopaedic and laparoscopic surgery as well as emergencies and critical care.


Our team of six veterinarians and over ten support staff guarantees that you and your pet get the time and attention you need in all aspects of veterinary medicine.  What makes us unique (and lucky!) is that our team isn’t just highly skilled at what we do, we like each other, which decreases stress for everyone, most importantly your pet! 

Monday to Friday:
8.00 am to 6.00 pm
9.00 am to 12.00 pm
Closed Sunday and Public Holidays
After hours: 
Animal Referral Hospital (ARH)
02 6280 6344
Canberra Veterinary Emergency Service (CVES)
02 6225 7257
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Always take such great care of my furbabies, I can actually say they enjoy going to the vets. Always a great experience and always so helpful! 

- Serina From Facebook


Great vets! The whole place has a lovely atmosphere and all the staff are fantastic.

- Anna from Facebook

Thank you so much for taking care of Herbie. She is up and running around better than ever. 

- Jacqui from Facebook