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A consultation is a great opportunity for you to discuss any concerns you may have about your pets health with your vet. Whether it is a general health issue or something a little more serious, our vets will be able to implement a treatment plan. We recommend you bring your pet in for a health examination once a year.  We run our consultations Monday through to Saturday, so if you would like to make an appointment, please contact our friendly reception staff, or book online. 

Vaccinations and Preventatives

Vaccinations play a vital role in protecting your pet against the main diseases they can contract. This is only one aspect of pet care. During your consultation, your vet will perform a head to toe examination before administering any vaccinations or preventatives. We can dispense heartworm and intestinal worm preventatives at this appointment and we stock over the counter flea and tick prevention as well. 

If your pet needs a microchip we've got you covered! Please let our reception know if your pet needs a microchip whilst booking your appointment. 


We offer desexing as a routine, elective procedure. Desexing is recommended at 5-6 months of age but may be different depending on the breed - your veterinarian can make a recommendation for you. This reduces your pets risk of unwanted pregnancy, or developing hormone related cancers down the line. It can also prevent undesirable behaviours, often displayed in pets who are 'entire'.

During your pets stay with us, they will be closely monitored before, during, and after their procedure by their vet and nursing staff. We have in house laboratory equipment enabling us to run pre-anaesthetic bloodwork, should you wish to have this done. Every patient has intravenous fluid therapy during the procedure, and pain relief before and after the procedure. Take home pain relief is all inclusive. When you come to collect your pet in the afternoon, you will be given all aftercare instructions, medications, and handouts, to help you when you get home. The aftercare handouts are also available here

We schedule these surgeries between Monday and Friday. Your pet is with us for most of the day to enable pre-anaesthetic checks to be conducted, and to undergo the surgical procedure. To find out more about your pets day stay, what to bring with you, and what to expect, please click here

Dental Health and Care

Dental health is an important aspect of keeping your pet in the best shape they can be. It is beneficial for your pet to have an oral examination at their annual health exams, as early intervention can prevent other health issues from occurring later in your pets life. We have all necessary dental equipment including dental radiography, an iM3 Vet-Tome (an instrument that reduces the time taken to extract diseased teeth), and an iM3 dental machine (which allows us to scale and polish your pets teeth).


At PVC we use digital radiography, dental radiography, and ultrasound. This technology speeds up the diagnostic process and means, when needed, radiographs can be sent online, through a portal, to be assessed by a radiology specialist within a 24 hour period. 


We have a full in house laboratory to ensure we can process bloodwork, urine samples, etc, with a very fast turn around. Our equipment includes: Catalyst, Biochemistry machine, Procyte Haematology machine, Urinalysis Processor, Microscope, Centrifuge, and Coagulation Time Reader. These pieces of equipment play an important role in finding a diagnosis for your pet. 

Advanced Procedures 

Laparoscopic Surgery

We are fully equipped to perform a variety of Laparoscopic procedures ranging from desexing female dogs and cats, pre-emptive gastropexy (to prevent bloat), liver biopsies, and cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal), to name a few. Recovery from this surgery is observed to be faster in most patients as there are only two to three small incisions for the laparoscopic ports, and the procedure is minimally invasive. 

We recommend desexing your pet when they are 5-6 months of age, 12 months if a larger breed. If you would like to discuss laparoscopic procedures, please call our reception team. 

Orthopaedic Surgery

We perform advanced Orthopaedic surgeries for our patients, and also accept referrals from other veterinary clinics. Some of our advanced Orthopaedic surgeries include fracture repairs, ruptured cruciate ligament repairs, and joint Arthroscopy. This is not an exhaustive list, so please call our reception if your pet is experiencing  any related issues that are not listed above.

Endoscopy Procedures

We have the ability to perform Endoscopic procedures which can be used to retrieve foreign bodies, examine upper gastro-intestinal and upper respiratory tracts. The equipment we have includes:

  • An 8mm Gastroscope - Used for gastro-intestinal scoping, biopsy, retrieval of foreign bodies, etc.

  • Bronchoscope - Used to assess the lungs and airways. 

  • 1.9mm and 2.7mm Rigid Scopes - Used to assess nasal cavities

During the consultation stage, options such as Endoscopy are given as a selective treatment plan. Our clinic does accept referrals from other clinics as well. Endoscopy procedures are minimally invasive, and, in some cases, can eliminate the need for exploratory surgical procedures.

Soft Tissue Surgery

We routinely carry out all kinds of soft tissue surgery such as lump removals and laceration repairs. We have a cryosurgery unit which uses liquid nitrogen to freeze smaller warts or lumps, negating the need for surgical removal in some cases. Your vet will discuss treatment options with you at the consultation stage. 

Critical Care

We have the facilities to support you during the unfortunate event of an emergency. Our highly qualified team have considerable experience when dealing with emergencies and looking after patients in critical care. Sometimes, other than an emergency your pet may become quite ill, and will require hospitilisation with supportive therapies such as IVFT (intravenous fluid therapy) or oxygen therapy. Our team will not only deliver high quality care to your vet, but will also support you in every step of the way.


Our clinic has a fully stocked inhouse pharmacy to enable us to prescribe medications for your pet, may they need it, when visiting for an appointment or undergoing a procedure. Additionally, we may offer out of clinic scripts, depending on the medication, that you can collect at general or compound pharmacies. Please note that all medication will be dispensed under the advisory of a veterinarian for your pet.

Senior Care

As our pets age, they may begin experiencing a variety of health issues. Arthritis is a big part of aging, and there are many things we can do to help your older pets feel comfortable. At your appointment, your vet may recommend supplements, pain relief, Pentosan injection courses, dietary advice, and/or complementary therapy to aid and manage your pets discomfort. 

End of Life

One of the saddest parts of owning a pet is when we have to say goodbye. The lead up to this decision can be extremely stressful for owners, as you may be questioning whether it is the right thing to do. When coming to this decision, our clinic is here to support and care for you during this time. End of life discussions can be beneficial in this decision making process; our veterinarians are very compassionate and will provide you with the guidance you may need. If euthanasia is decided, we will be here to support you and your pet every step of the way.

Please click here to see more information on the Euthanasia procedure. 



As a clinic that specialises in small animals, we also often treat wildlife. From magpies to possums to fruit bats, our team are qualified and experienced in the treatment of wildlife. We work closely with ACT Wildlife to take care of these critters and give them the best medical care we can provide. If you have an interest in helping these beautiful animals, one of the best ways you can do this is by donating to ACT Wildlife. If you would like to donate, please click here.

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