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Before Your Visit...

Before visiting our clinic, learn what you should bring along with you, what to expect, and what preparation is needed prior to your visit with your pet. 

Day Stay's

If your pet is having a day stay at our clinic for a procedure or further workup please read the following:


  • Our drop off times are between 8am and 9am Monday to Friday. When scheduling an in patient day stay or surgical procedure, you will be provided with an admission time. 

  • Please allow 5-10 minutes to fill out relevant paperwork such as consent forms. This is also an opportunity to discuss any further concerns or questions you may have about your pets stay with us. 

  • Our pick up times are between 4pm and 6pm. Reception will be in contact with you throughout the day, and feel free to contact us at anytime for updates.

  • Please fast your pet from 8pm the night before, water is fine (this may not be applicable to all patients depending on existing medical conditions - reception will confirm the day prior).  

  • Please check with the clinic before giving any medications that your pet may already be on.

  • Please contact the clinic with any prior concerns you may have. 

  • Please bring along any relevant paperwork such as registration or vaccination booklets (this is important if you are new to our clinic). 


If your pet is coming to our clinic for an appointment, please read the following:

  • Please bring along any relevant paperwork such as vaccination and registration booklets (this is important if you are new to our clinic).

  • Your pet does not need to be fasted unless it has been arranged prior to your appointment. 

  • Please contact reception with any concerns you may have prior to your booking. 

  • If your dog is anxious or does not get on well with other dogs, please call once you have arrived from outside the clinic, and we will prepare a room for you to come straight in. 

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