This is the page where you will find important information and articles regarding pet healthcare and ACT regulations. 

Ehrlichia Canis Warning

Ehrlichia Canis is a bacterium transmitted by the brown dog tick. This can cause serious, potentially life threatening tick fever disease in your dog. It was first reported in Australia in May 2020 and ideal conditions are tropical or sub-tropical locations, such as northern Australia.  We have heard of a case being identified in Victoria.  If you are planning on travelling north with your dog, we recommend using either Advantix or Seresto as these have been shown to be the most effective forms of preventative, with a >90% efficacy rate.  It appears that our standard tick preventatives are not effective for this disease, but still are great for the southern regions. Please note: Advantix ingestion by cats can prove fatal so we would not recommend using this product if you are also travelling with your cat or if your cat has close contact with your dog. 

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New Registration Laws in the ACT for Dogs. 

See this website regarding registration laws and information for your dog/s. The ACT Government have now implemented an online registration system which will require dog to update their dogs details annually. This is to keep an accurate account of dogs living in the ACT, and to ensure that all dogs are microchipped and desexed (unless there is a reason otherwise). 

If your dog is already registered, updating your details annually is free of charge. If you are registering your dog for the first time, there is a one off fee. To discover more about this process, click here