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Info on the procedure and what to expect

At Parkway we endeavour to accomodate and create a peaceful environment for owners to say goodbye to their beloved pets when the time comes. From booking the appointment with reception to the procedure itself, we strive to make this a streamlined process that takes care of every request from the owner. 

To book a euthanasia procedure for your pet you may contact reception via email or phone. Please let reception know all your requests at this time so that they can make a note on your booking. If you are unsure of what you are wanting at the time of booking, please notify reception that you would like to consider some options and will let us know on arrival. If you would not like to be present for the procedure, please let staff know. 

When you arrive with your pet, you will be taken into a private room by a nurse where they will inform you of the procedure and may ask you some questions about how you would like the appointment to go - this is also a time to let them know any questions or concerns you may have. Please note: Anytime during your appointment if you are not ready to proceed, please let the staff member know so they may stop and give you some time. 

The veterinarian looking after your pet for this appointment will come and discuss the appointment with you and then will give your pet a sedative injection (under the skin) that will calm your pet and make the process less stressful. 

Once sedation has taken effect, your veterinarian will remove your pet from the room to place an IV catheter and will shortly return to proceed with the procedure. The procedure involves the euthanasia solution being administered via the IV line. 

Please keep in mind...

Although we strive for this procedure to go as peacefully as possible, sometimes this may not occur due to complications out of our control which can include agonal breathing, vocalisation, muscle spasms, seizing, etc. These can occur as the bodies natural response - your pet will not be aware of any of this. 

After the procedure...

Following the procedure, staff will give you some time to say your last goodbyes. 

We offer 3 options at PVC following a euthanasia procedure:

- Cremation (external service - Pets at Peace)

- Burial by the clinic

- Owner takes home 

If you have another service you would prefer to use, please let staff know and this may be arranged. 

Paw Prints

We offer ink paw and nose prints that are sent out with a sympathy card to the owners address - if you would prefer to take these home on the day or pickup separate to the card, please let staff know. 

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