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Chris graduated from Colorado State University in 1988.  He soon after made the move to Australia and has lived here ever since.  His interests include Orthopaedic procedures, Laparoscopic surgery and Endoscopy.  When not at work, Chris likes to swim with whales and sharks! He also loves photography.


Penny graduated from the University of Sydney in 2000. Her interests include diagnostic medicine, particularly renal disease and diabetes. Penny is known to create amazing pottery and loves outdoor adventures with her family.

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Sarah graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2018.  Her interests include General Surgery and diagnostics. Outside of work, Sarah loves spending time with her gorgeous kitten, Jasper as well as traveling and is fluent in 3 languages.


Elianne graduated from Murdoch University, Perth in 2018. Her interests include soft tissue surgery and dentistry.  Elianne grew up in many different countries including Fiji, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.  She has now settled back in Canberra and is a wonderful addition to our team.

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We welcome Dr Rene Royston to the PVC Veterinary team. Rene graduated from the University of Queensland in 2012 and is a dedicated vet who particularly loves soft tissue surgery.  Rene has a young family which keeps her very busy and also a dog, Huxley, who was best man at her wedding and in his spare time poses as the household vacuum cleaner.  Rene's interests outside of work include crafts, baking and cake decorating.