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Pokey Reception_edited.jpg

Head Receptionist

*Pokey now strictly works from home and only comes in when she absolutely has to...

Pokey runs a tight ship. Here she is meowing orders to her slaves (AKA Di, and Vicky) regarding the schedule!

Boof Filing.jpg

Boof is our executive production manager! He tries to assist with filing and sending incomplete emails!! Occasionally, he hangs up on clients too. 


Di has been with our clinic since 2016 and keeps us all on track. Not sure what we'd do without her. Di lives on a property and has quite a collection of pets including dogs, cats, birds and the most adorable miniature horses.  


Vicky has been with the Parkway team since August 2019 and is a very welcome addition. We can always count on her having a smile on her face even during trying times. In her spare time she loves to go bouldering.  

Rupert Pic.JPG

Rupert is a Great Dane also helping out in reception.  What else would you expect from a Veterinary Clinic than to have mostly furry friends to greet you on arrival.  Rupert is a very friendly boy but can be a bit shy so feel free to say a gentle hello to him when you call in, and please try avoid prolonged eye contact!


Annie is our newest addition to reception - our little receptionist in training if you will! She has a gorgeous, funky little personality, is very outgoing, and loves to say hello if she isn't preoccupied with her toys!

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